Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting is the hardest part...

I feel like all I'm doing right now is waiting. I waited for Derek Jeter to re-sign as the Yankees' mascot, I'm waiting for pitchers and catchers to report (so soon, sooooooooo soon!!!), waiting for Spring Training to begin (Ash and I are planning a trip down in March), waiting (incredibly impatiently) for March 31 and now, I'm waiting to hear if I got accepted to grad school.

I've spent the past several weeks, possibly months, agonizing over my graduate school application. I have my eye on Hunter College's MFA program for Creative Writing and I really can't see myself going anywhere else so Hunter is the only place where I applied.

I wrote several short stories for my application, many of them based on my life but turned into fiction for the program. Nothing was quite right and I started to panic as the deadline approached.

Then, I remembered a short story I had written a year earlier for a contest that I never entered. The story was about a man named Jack. I took the four page story and turned it into twenty one pages. Why does this matter? Well, despite being a story about a fifty-four year old man who works at Barney's on Madison Avenue, I still worked in the Yankees.

The main character flashes back to a date he had fifteen years earlier at Yankee Stadium. Since my first trip to the old stadium was in 1999, I could only assume that what I wrote about the 1996 Stadium was accurate, but I did include that Andy Pettitte, in his second year in the MLB, was pitching the game.

Andy approves of his mention in my graduate school application (Image/AP)

I won't know until March at the earliest if I made it into the program, which commences in the fall. I'll let ya'll know as soon as I know. Unless it's bad news, then let's pretend I never applied at all.


  1. Fingers Crossed for you, and for a quick return of our favorite season

    -Action xxoo

  2. Fail: there are vast and stark differences between the '96 & '99 Yankees teams and stadiums. Wasn't that the brief period the Yanks played in a Gehry designed stadium on the moon and Barbara Bush managed the team for her husband, Aristotle Onassis? And wasn't it Bizzaro Jeter who was active from '95-'97?

    Also, good luck with the grad school app!!!

  3. Bizarro Jeter played in the late 80s. I concede that the rest of your corrections are spot on. I need to contact the English Department at Hunter College post haste.

  4. Good luck with your app and hope the season comes sooner than later for you!