Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch Break: Tickets, Tickets

FedEx finally found me and I have my partial-season tickets in hand. Well, in purse.

Made up of 12 Friday night games, two Thursday day games and a Tuesday evening game in September, the arrival of my tickets have me more than ready for my next six months worth of trips in the Bronx. I spent several minutes - probably more than necessary - examining the players featured on each ticket and mentally decided which one I would get and which one Ashley would get. I already told her that for our first game, I get the ticket with AJ on it (obvi) and she gets the A-Rod-from-the-back ticket. And I have been periodically taking the ticket book out of my purse to look at it, sort of like what I did after I bought myself the bright pink lambskin Chanel wallet for my birthday. At least I haven't named my ticket book (yet) - my wallet's name is Camilla.

The tickets and Camilla have been chilling in my purse together - I swear, I'm not 100% insane.

My ticket for tomorrow's game is stuck in the frame of my bedroom mirror, like a love letter, resting just above the photo booth strips of Vida and me from our recent Friday night around Billyburg and below the neon-on-black-construction-paper drawing from my oldest niece, Edanne. It's perfectly folded so I can slip it into my wallet and not cause further creasing to the paper. That would be almost as tragic as a black pen mark on Camilla!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Three is the magic number/Oh yes it is

At least for today it is. Although, at this point, I'm counting hours, not days, until baseball begins.

So we can say 3 days, and throw up some pics of The Babe...

Oops! Not that one...

There we go...

Or we can talk hours. Right now, we're about 74 hours from when I will be arriving in the Bronx to mingle and photograph fans, probably cry, and definitely not be able to stop smiling.

This has been a bit of a rough off-season for me, my darling readers. I had a pretty dark winter with some serious bouts of depression. It seemed like every effort that I made to make my outlook on life better, like applying to grad school (among other things) and working on my book, really didn't help much. Sure, I had good days, but overall, the winter was one big pile of suck.

But now that the start of baseball is close enough to touch, the sun is shining every day and there are budding lilac bushes and hyacinth poking out of the ground in front of my apartment, well, it's starting to get better. While I cannot draw a direct correlation between baseball and the entirety of my happiness, I do know that my perspective on daily life is a lot better during the months when I have baseball to look forward to every single day.

With that, I raise my coffee cup and say here's to the birth of another season. A season when I will be a fixture yet again in Yankee Stadium, a frequent visitor of CitiField, and I hope, many other stadiums. A season when, like other seasons, I plan my gym routine around game time and trips away from NYC only when the Yankees, too, are away. A season when I will likely disturb my French roommate with the strings of curse words that I throw at the television every time the Yankees get a bad call thrown at them and maybe, hopefully, get her to come to a game with me.

And, also, here's to a little happiness. For all of us.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ouchies All Around!

I've been crazy busy with work, being a social butterfly, breaking hearts left and right and trying to get back into my hardcore gym routine and I have been neglecting pre-season baseball in the most horrible fashion. I think I have only watched two games and bits and pieces of other games. While it doesn't really "count" for anything and most major players are only in for a few innings (except for Teix), I still enjoy watching the boys play in their ugly uniforms and getting excited for opening day.

Yankees Spring Training Uniforms aren't just ugly, they're fug ugly (Image/IDK)
It seems like what I've missed is a lot of injuries. I go on the MLB page of and it's like this:
So much danger!

Also, I learned that AJ was named the #2 starter, which means I'll be getting a ticket for the game on 4/2 as opposed to 4/3. Eh, who are we kidding, I'm going to go to both games...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Weeks...

I need to find something else to talk about...Maybe it's time for a guest blog.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Just Got Real, Kiddies!

Including today, since it just started and I'm already dealing with idiocy so I know it's going to be a long one, there are 23 days until baseball's opening day (crap, I need a picture of Don Mattingly's jersey now). This morning, Yankees tickets went on sale for partial season ticket holders - ME! - and I only had one game in mind: 23 days from now, Yankees' Home Opener.

After some initial panic and Captcha problems, I managed to get a pretty baller seat in the first row of the terrace level, which, with fees came out to just under $60. Last year, when I wandered to the stadium and gave puppy dog eyes to anyone with an extra ticket, I got a seat way up and way out in left field for $60. Upgrade!

It started to feel real when I bought my Friday game package last month and it got realer once March hit, but now, as I stand so close to making a return to the Bronx and feeling the energy of not just the first Yankees but the first MLB game of the year, well, it's so freaking real I can taste it.

It tastes good.