Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Just Got Real, Kiddies!

Including today, since it just started and I'm already dealing with idiocy so I know it's going to be a long one, there are 23 days until baseball's opening day (crap, I need a picture of Don Mattingly's jersey now). This morning, Yankees tickets went on sale for partial season ticket holders - ME! - and I only had one game in mind: 23 days from now, Yankees' Home Opener.

After some initial panic and Captcha problems, I managed to get a pretty baller seat in the first row of the terrace level, which, with fees came out to just under $60. Last year, when I wandered to the stadium and gave puppy dog eyes to anyone with an extra ticket, I got a seat way up and way out in left field for $60. Upgrade!

It started to feel real when I bought my Friday game package last month and it got realer once March hit, but now, as I stand so close to making a return to the Bronx and feeling the energy of not just the first Yankees but the first MLB game of the year, well, it's so freaking real I can taste it.

It tastes good.


  1. You must be the Yankees lucky charm. Only the lucky get seats that good!

  2. I have been many a man's lucky charm in my day...hoping this is the year the Yankees recognize me as such too.

  3. You'll be well positioned for good butt shots. And heckling.

  4. Also, it's time for a new poll.

  5. The poll has 20 more days, chump.