Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch Break: Tickets, Tickets

FedEx finally found me and I have my partial-season tickets in hand. Well, in purse.

Made up of 12 Friday night games, two Thursday day games and a Tuesday evening game in September, the arrival of my tickets have me more than ready for my next six months worth of trips in the Bronx. I spent several minutes - probably more than necessary - examining the players featured on each ticket and mentally decided which one I would get and which one Ashley would get. I already told her that for our first game, I get the ticket with AJ on it (obvi) and she gets the A-Rod-from-the-back ticket. And I have been periodically taking the ticket book out of my purse to look at it, sort of like what I did after I bought myself the bright pink lambskin Chanel wallet for my birthday. At least I haven't named my ticket book (yet) - my wallet's name is Camilla.

The tickets and Camilla have been chilling in my purse together - I swear, I'm not 100% insane.

My ticket for tomorrow's game is stuck in the frame of my bedroom mirror, like a love letter, resting just above the photo booth strips of Vida and me from our recent Friday night around Billyburg and below the neon-on-black-construction-paper drawing from my oldest niece, Edanne. It's perfectly folded so I can slip it into my wallet and not cause further creasing to the paper. That would be almost as tragic as a black pen mark on Camilla!


  1. Love the pic :)

  2. Buying tickets to a game is kinda like sending a love letter to the players ;)

  3. Yeah, but waaaaaay less dirty than a love letter from me to a Yankees player would be.

  4. I don't think I'll ever be able to adopt "Billyburg." It doesn't work for me. Yay for bball tix! Happy Opening Day!!!

  5. Then I'll keep it old skool with you, my dear. Yay! I hope your Cubs do as well as they can this year, except for the three games when they play the Yankees ;)