Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ouchies All Around!

I've been crazy busy with work, being a social butterfly, breaking hearts left and right and trying to get back into my hardcore gym routine and I have been neglecting pre-season baseball in the most horrible fashion. I think I have only watched two games and bits and pieces of other games. While it doesn't really "count" for anything and most major players are only in for a few innings (except for Teix), I still enjoy watching the boys play in their ugly uniforms and getting excited for opening day.

Yankees Spring Training Uniforms aren't just ugly, they're fug ugly (Image/IDK)
It seems like what I've missed is a lot of injuries. I go on the MLB page of and it's like this:
So much danger!

Also, I learned that AJ was named the #2 starter, which means I'll be getting a ticket for the game on 4/2 as opposed to 4/3. Eh, who are we kidding, I'm going to go to both games...


  1. YAY Baseball !! One week!

  2. Now I can root for geriatric injuries for the Yanks just like I did for Favre last FB season!

  3. Do what you must to make yourself feel better.