Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Hi! I owe you posts, I know. Between the new job and the trip to Illinois for Easter, my time has been precious and very, very jammed with activity. I do, still, find myself wondering why I am just blankly staring at the TV watching baseball when I could be watching baseball AND writing. I guess the only reason is that sometimes I just need to stare blankly at the TV watching baseball.

I've got three games in a row coming up: tomorrow in 203 with Dave and Ashley, as well as the peeps I have come to love and admire who are sometimes called Creatures; Thursday in the 420-area with my dear Janelle; and then Friday with Ash again in our Friday night seats.

So, this weekend, in between brunches and gym time and breaking hearts and the winter-to-summer shoe switch over, I'll write ya'll a lil something or a lot something, probably about AJ's first L of the season and the team that gave it to him, probably a collage of game pictures and definitely about a subject that had Ashley and I very upset on Jackie Robinson Day: people who are jerks and assume that beautiful, young women such as ourselves can't possibly know anything substantial about baseball. Jerks.

A bien tot! XOXO

Friday, April 15, 2011

Team Pie

Especially if it is AJ's pie...

(Image/Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America)

Good job last night, boys. Can you do it again tonight, since I will be there, ready with my camera?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Text Message Conversation

Last night, immediately post-game...

Me, at home: That's 3!

Stef, likely standing outside of the stadium, surrounded by her fellow 203ers: I knowwwwwwww...but don't forget, he started out last season 5-0!

Me: Fine. I'll remind you when he's 6-0.

There's way too much AJ hate these days, people. He pitched nearly flawlessly last night, at least through the 6th and he got great run support from the Yankees offense, something that was seriously lacking near the end of last season. Is it too much to ask to have faith in him until he proves otherwise? I mean, proves otherwise THIS SEASON.

Yeah, probably.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yankees Home Opener

I had an interview last Thursday morning, and barely made it to the stadium for the beginning of the festivities (but I did). The cards were stacked against me, but thankfully not the Yankees, when my camera batteries died in the middle of the bottom of the 2nd and the back-ups I had brought with me didn't work.

Before the demise of my AAs, I got some good shots, including Moose's ceremonial first pitch, CC's first pitch of the season, and my boys, lined up before the game, with their numbers to me. Oh, and I got the job ;)

A gray opening day

Oh, have I have missed you!

How do I get in a Mo/AJ sandwich like this?

Moose made it look way too easy when he threw out the first pitch

The view from my seat in cold, wet Section 330

A different, but equally nice, view from my seat in Section 330 of Brett Brett. This was some pre-game catch with Grandy

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coming Soon...UPDATED

Hi, my loves. I will get some pictures up either later today or tomorrow. It seems that my memory card erased itself, losing Moose's first pitch, CC's first pitch of the season and the entire first inning, including Grandy's two a-a-amazing catches at the top of the inning.

Here's a camera phone shot, from before the game started (click to enlarge):

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 New York Yankees (and the Tigers off in the distance)

I'll get 'em up this weekend. Along with pics from today's game (I hope with Ash but she doesn't like the cold...) where I am fully confident that my AJ will get his first in the W column. He has to. He really just has to.

UPDATED: Ashley did go to Game Two with me to see AJ's win and I did not lose my pictures from Game One; they saved on my camera's memory, not the memory card. Tricky tricky! I've got nearly 1,000 pics between the two games so please give me a hot second to get them up for your viewing pleasure.