Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coming Soon...UPDATED

Hi, my loves. I will get some pictures up either later today or tomorrow. It seems that my memory card erased itself, losing Moose's first pitch, CC's first pitch of the season and the entire first inning, including Grandy's two a-a-amazing catches at the top of the inning.

Here's a camera phone shot, from before the game started (click to enlarge):

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 New York Yankees (and the Tigers off in the distance)

I'll get 'em up this weekend. Along with pics from today's game (I hope with Ash but she doesn't like the cold...) where I am fully confident that my AJ will get his first in the W column. He has to. He really just has to.

UPDATED: Ashley did go to Game Two with me to see AJ's win and I did not lose my pictures from Game One; they saved on my camera's memory, not the memory card. Tricky tricky! I've got nearly 1,000 pics between the two games so please give me a hot second to get them up for your viewing pleasure.