Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Hi! I owe you posts, I know. Between the new job and the trip to Illinois for Easter, my time has been precious and very, very jammed with activity. I do, still, find myself wondering why I am just blankly staring at the TV watching baseball when I could be watching baseball AND writing. I guess the only reason is that sometimes I just need to stare blankly at the TV watching baseball.

I've got three games in a row coming up: tomorrow in 203 with Dave and Ashley, as well as the peeps I have come to love and admire who are sometimes called Creatures; Thursday in the 420-area with my dear Janelle; and then Friday with Ash again in our Friday night seats.

So, this weekend, in between brunches and gym time and breaking hearts and the winter-to-summer shoe switch over, I'll write ya'll a lil something or a lot something, probably about AJ's first L of the season and the team that gave it to him, probably a collage of game pictures and definitely about a subject that had Ashley and I very upset on Jackie Robinson Day: people who are jerks and assume that beautiful, young women such as ourselves can't possibly know anything substantial about baseball. Jerks.

A bien tot! XOXO

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