Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yankees Home Opener

I had an interview last Thursday morning, and barely made it to the stadium for the beginning of the festivities (but I did). The cards were stacked against me, but thankfully not the Yankees, when my camera batteries died in the middle of the bottom of the 2nd and the back-ups I had brought with me didn't work.

Before the demise of my AAs, I got some good shots, including Moose's ceremonial first pitch, CC's first pitch of the season, and my boys, lined up before the game, with their numbers to me. Oh, and I got the job ;)

A gray opening day

Oh, have I have missed you!

How do I get in a Mo/AJ sandwich like this?

Moose made it look way too easy when he threw out the first pitch

The view from my seat in cold, wet Section 330

A different, but equally nice, view from my seat in Section 330 of Brett Brett. This was some pre-game catch with Grandy

CC throws his first pitch, a strike, of the 2011 season

Top of the 1st, I wanted to get the strong of .000 before the Yankees came up and destroyed it

Teix on base, innings before his giant three-run homer; slow April, smow Smapril (smockron)

Robbie fouls one off

It was pretty much Grandy's game when it came to defense. His catches were a-a-amazing

Cap'n makin' it happen

The Yankees won, I shivered and we got Mo. Game two has about four times as many pics to sort through, most of them AJ pitching. Plus, I've got game four and, yeah, you know me. It'll be a minute, my pretties.