Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Double Hat Action Bronson Likes...Birthday Pie!

Happy Birthday to our dearest darling, DHAB, who turned the big 2-5 yesterday and attended the Yankees game with Scottie to celebrate.

DHAB, as shot in Section 203 on 5/14/11 (Image/me)
I couldn't attend the game with the high school sweethearts - I am the world's greatest 3rd wheel - because I was en route from DC, but I watched the end in my half-awake state from home. When the Yankees caught up 3-4 in the 8th, I had hope for the win, which came, in walk-off style, when Teix hit a single and drove in  Grandy, who had hit an RBI-double during his at-bat, ending the game 5-4 Yankees.

And you know what that AJ Pie hit Teix in the face with one of his shaving cream pies, although he kinda missed him and got the side of his head and shoulder. Whatever. Still hot.

Pie in the face (Image/AP)

Double Hat Action Bronson likes this. YBG does too.


  1. The icing on the birthday pie would have been a phone call from Cervelli.


  2. Maybe you should have answered your phone then, homie.