Sunday, May 8, 2011

Double Hat Action Bronson Likes...Grand Slam Cervelli

Double Hat Action Bronson, seen here riding on the 4 train after attending the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game on April 29th with me and Ash, loves Cervelli. She likes an Italian boy and she likes a Yankee, so the adorable #29 #17 is a natural choice to be the center of her baseball player affection.

Today, Cervelli hit his first career grand slam and his second career homerun. Damn. I hope this is a trend that continues so we can see him squatting behind home plate more often. Or even keep him in Pinstripes.

Cervelli was the man today (Image/me)

According to ESPN, Cervelli didn't realize the bases were loaded, which is totally adorable. Cervelli's dedicated the hit to his mother who was in Venezuela but, I have a feeling that he also hit it for Action Bronson, who grinned from ear to ear when she watched him drive the ball to center after fighting with a 3-2 count.

Just after Cervelli's monumental hit, Jeter smashed a two-run shot out of the park, his 2nd homer in the game, bringing himself and Brett Brett in to score. Jeter ultimately went 4 for 6 with a stolen base in the 5th.

The Cap'n made it happ'n (Image/me)

Double Hat Action Bronson and YBG would also like to wish Bleacher Creature Dave a happy birthday. He is super old, but at least he got to see the Yankees win on his birthday. Oh, and Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you!


  1. Glad to see my Stud is back in the game. Also, glad to finally be making an appearance on the blog for actually attending a game and not being called out for missing out on the fun.

    Cervelli, hopefully I'll see you bat one out of the park this Saturday.

    DHAB xo

  2. Maybe he'll hit one to you in your LF bleacher seats...or to me, in the RF bleachers. I'd give you a caught Cervi ball. Aren't you lucky to have an effing awesome friend like me?

  3. Just as I would give you one of Brett Brett's :)

    Looking forward to seeing you again this weekend! That will make it 3 in a row.. this could be a record!


  4. Ooh, Ash might fight me for a Brett Brett homerun ball. Regardless, thanks, love.

    Three weekends in a row...I am one lucky trick.