Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Both of my grandfathers, like many Major League Baseball players, fought in WWII. Thankfully, both made it through safely and returned to become parents to my parents, leading long lives as veterans. My sister-in-law's brother is in active duty in the Army, and has safely traveled to and from all areas of the world. Unfortunately, a second cousin whom I never met lost his life in Vietnam, deeply affecting my paternal Great Uncle, who never recovered from the loss.

It isn't just those who fight but those who love the people fighting who make these great sacrifices. Whatever you do today: travel, BBQ, lie around in the AC, don't forget about our men and women in uniform, especially those who lost their lives in service, and the family members who want nothing more than the safety of their loved ones who fight for the safety of all Americans.

I'm a big fan of soldiers - what, me a fan of strong, fit men who do what they are told? - and wish them all a happy, healthy day and a quick return home. Be safe, ladies and gentlemen!

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