Friday, May 13, 2011

Last Night Sucked but Cervi Didn't...

I went to the final of the vs. Royals game with Ash, Adrienne and her little brother, Evan. We were cold, to the point where my hands hurt, we were paying too much for beer and the fielding sucked. As I tweeted, over and over, I blame Nunez for his utter inability to catch or throw the ball, or even stay upright, and Nova for the sub-par pitching.

The bright spot for me? Cervi, getting that two run double in the 6th (?). For the rest of the game, Ash and I cheered loudly for our Venezulian Italian hero and at one point, I may or may have yelled out Double Hat Action Bronson's phone number to him while he was batting. Has he called yet, Rach?

By the end of the game, there were three other people in our section, including one, loud and fun guy who was heckling everyone on both teams. Equal opportunity!

I have pics, but this comp doesn't have a memory card slot so I'll get 'em up eventually. Maybe. You know me.

Back tonight for vs. B*ston. Here's hoping Colon can keep his balls in line, Jeter is back at shortstop and Nunez is as far from the Bronx as possible. I hear the Chinese leagues need players...


  1. He still hasn't called...

    BUT I'll be making an appearance at Saturday night's game. Hopefully I can catch his eye then.


  2. your older sisterMay 13, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    You mean dress like you :P

  3. Yes, dress how I learned to do from watching my older sister, who has smaller cans than I have. Much smaller.