Sunday, July 31, 2011

Double Hat Action Bronson Likes: Proximity to Cervelli

Unfortunately for her, it was not her proximity to Cervelli at the end of Saturday night's football score game but mine. On the plus side, I'm a really good friend and happily took many pictures of him just for her.
(click any photo to enlarge)
DHAB's exact words were "LOVE this!"
Cervelli entered after the Yankees scored most of their runs, and my view of him was like this:

Playing 3rd since Martin was behind the plate
 Work it out
 Then, at the bottom of the 8th, my view of Cervelli changed, and I saw him like this.

DHAB likes: her Cervelli flip book

Two Touchdowns and a Field Goal

And I was close to the Yankees again.

Super Close

Oh yeah

More pics tomorrow of the game, the second of a doubleheader, which started with Janelle and me in 420a watching the Yankees score 12 at the bottom of the first and ended 17-3 with us sitting in seats that were flashing spitting distance from the dugout.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How quickly can you do it?

Name all of the MLB teams, that is?

My wonderful, beautiful and delightfully silly intern, Hannah, posed me the question via Gchat yesterday afternoon. Apparently, I don't give her enough work because she says "Hey Jo, quick, name some obscure baseball teams."

I stop whatever press release I'm working on and start with the Pittsburgh Pirates, harkening back to one of my first blog posts and begin naming Southern and Western teams that no one really thinks of. Then, I take it as a test and start naming them all.

Hannah keeps saying "yeah, I got that one" but I persist with "Cleveland Indians" and "Toronto Blue Jays" until I think I've gotten them all.

I missed two. Two big ones. But I still did pretty damn well.

Your turn! Take two minutes, scan the United States (and that sliver of Canada) in your brain and try to name all of the MLB teams. Leave for me in the comments how you do.

Et tu, Hannah?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cuter than the All-Star Game, and Maybe More Exciting

Sorry, were you expected another live blog of the ASG? I'll admit, what I wrote last year was damn funny, especially when I got delirious near the end, but I had other things to do last night, and I watched on and off through the 6th.

On Saturday, after Jeter had that pretty good game and after giving his portion of the press conference, Joe Girardi came out on the field and played pitcher to his son's batter in center field.

I was watching the press conference on the big screen in the outfield with some other peeps when Girardi in warm-up gear, his son, wife and daughter came out on the field. His adorable daughter (I'm not sure if it was Lena or Serena) had previously been seen running in and out of camera during Girardi's portion of the P.C. and once on the field, ran around gathering balls hit by her brother.

The zoom-in shot to confirm it was him

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good job, Robbie

The Homerun Derby, perhaps the silliest of all baseball traditions save for mascots, was won last night by a Yankee. Robinson Cano beat the Devil (aka B*ston's Adrian Gonzalez) in the final round, blasting 12 HRs with only 6 outs. The extra adorable part? Robbie's father pitched to him.

You can watch a recap here or watch the embedded video below as long as I can have it:

He is just so damn cute when he celebrates, I can't even handle it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mr. 3003

On Saturday, July 9th, 2011, after the disappointment of a washed-out Friday game (that I was supposed to attend with Double Hat Action Bronson), Derek Jeter joined the 3000-hit club.

Of course, I was there. What did you expect?

Enjoy some pics taken from 203 and a little narrative on his 5-5 day that made Jeter the 28th man to hit more than 3000 hits in his career.
#2 is #1