Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cuter than the All-Star Game, and Maybe More Exciting

Sorry, were you expected another live blog of the ASG? I'll admit, what I wrote last year was damn funny, especially when I got delirious near the end, but I had other things to do last night, and I watched on and off through the 6th.

On Saturday, after Jeter had that pretty good game and after giving his portion of the press conference, Joe Girardi came out on the field and played pitcher to his son's batter in center field.

I was watching the press conference on the big screen in the outfield with some other peeps when Girardi in warm-up gear, his son, wife and daughter came out on the field. His adorable daughter (I'm not sure if it was Lena or Serena) had previously been seen running in and out of camera during Girardi's portion of the P.C. and once on the field, ran around gathering balls hit by her brother.

The zoom-in shot to confirm it was him

Go, Dante, go! This was one of the many balls he hit over the wall in leftish center (near where DJ's 3000th went)
Still got an arm like a catcher
Right before the ball was hit out

Mr. Girardi, my seven year old niece, Edanne, is quite a ball player herself. When she comes to NYC, can you pitch to her too?

                                                              (Image/Elaine Barber)
Hell, with a face like that, you should put her behind the plate against B*ston.


  1. I would love to know where I can get a pair of shades like those seen above. They will look fab come September 22nd


  2. DHAB - why don't you friend Edanne on FB and ask her?

  3. Oh and shades came from Target! :)

  4. Nice! I'll make sure Double Hat Action Bronson knows.