Sunday, July 31, 2011

Double Hat Action Bronson Likes: Proximity to Cervelli

Unfortunately for her, it was not her proximity to Cervelli at the end of Saturday night's football score game but mine. On the plus side, I'm a really good friend and happily took many pictures of him just for her.
(click any photo to enlarge)
DHAB's exact words were "LOVE this!"
Cervelli entered after the Yankees scored most of their runs, and my view of him was like this:

Playing 3rd since Martin was behind the plate
 Work it out
 Then, at the bottom of the 8th, my view of Cervelli changed, and I saw him like this.

DHAB likes: her Cervelli flip book

 His at bat wasn't as exciting as the rest of the Yankees' game (well, the beginning)
 Chavez: That wasn't your best at bat, Cervelli
Cervelli: Sometimes I'm too sexy to be good at anything other than lookin' good
(This exchange may have happened in Spanish. It also may not have happened, but I think it did)
 At the top of the 9th, Martin moved to 3rd base, which meant...
 Cervi settled in behind the plate
 Face cage cannot contain cute
 Good game good game good game good game good game good game
 Cervi sammy (hi, AJ!)

Double Hat Action Bronson LOVES this, people. And we love her ;)