Thursday, July 21, 2011

How quickly can you do it?

Name all of the MLB teams, that is?

My wonderful, beautiful and delightfully silly intern, Hannah, posed me the question via Gchat yesterday afternoon. Apparently, I don't give her enough work because she says "Hey Jo, quick, name some obscure baseball teams."

I stop whatever press release I'm working on and start with the Pittsburgh Pirates, harkening back to one of my first blog posts and begin naming Southern and Western teams that no one really thinks of. Then, I take it as a test and start naming them all.

Hannah keeps saying "yeah, I got that one" but I persist with "Cleveland Indians" and "Toronto Blue Jays" until I think I've gotten them all.

I missed two. Two big ones. But I still did pretty damn well.

Your turn! Take two minutes, scan the United States (and that sliver of Canada) in your brain and try to name all of the MLB teams. Leave for me in the comments how you do.

Et tu, Hannah?