Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legen- wait for it -dary

So, yeah, those Legends Suite seats that Pete got for Tuesday night's game were pretty, well, sweet.

We had a private entrance...

There was an air-conditioned bi-level restaurant with sit-down service and a buffet. None of us cared though, because there was a game going on! I've always said, why do people come to the stadium to sit in a bar or restaurant and watch the game on TV? The only exception is when it is 104 degrees and humid. These pics were shot when I popped in during the 6th to use the nicest ladies' room I've ever seen.

The lower level of the restaurant had nice memorabilia from the Yankees (behind glass cases or that shiz woulda been MINE!)

The Melk Man!

And there was a gelato bar, which I hit and asked for "the tiniest scoop of Cannoli gelato possible." This is what that looks like, also, the view from where I sat. We had a waitress, Lisa, who brought us food off of a menu that was in the drink holder at our seats, but gelato wasn't on the list, just soft serve.

Naturally, we each needed pics to prove we were there (even though we were on camera pretty much 85% of the game).

Pete was happy to get a pic with Jeter's ass

I was happy just to be feet from Grandy as he warmed up on deck

Corey did not stop smiling the entire time

I'm still not quite sure if Andrew believed where he was

Happiness and bonded forever by our Legen- wait for it -dary seats. Sooooo amazing.

On another note, AJ, WTF did you do to your hair? Did you think I would like it, 'cause you were wrong...

There are still more pics from this game coming. It'll be at least one more post. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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