Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Zombie Jesus! Did that really happen?

Was I just sitting in the first row of Section 19, excuse me, Legends Suite Section 19 at Yankee Stadium for the vs. Angels game?

Um, yeah. I was:

I was between the back of home plate and (the best part) the Yankees' on deck circle. I made eye contact. I waved. I blew a kiss or two and in general, had the most possible fun I could have had not actually sitting in the dugout.

Oh, hey, Derek. You come here often?

Paul Simon does (I've never wanted my name to be Cecelia more in my life)

Brett Brett! I know you heard me heard me!

Oh, AJ, I still believe in you (but please fix your hair)

More pics soon. Now, sleep. Gym in five hours.


  1. You scored such a highly visible seat and you didn't go with an obnoxious sign or crazy, team-colored outfit? You should've at least flashed a boob ...

  2. I did the best I could with the hour warning that I had. My biggest concern was that I didn't have my hat with me but I luckily had my camera. And who said I didn't flash both boobs?