Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How You Like Me Now?

Admit it, all that matters now is post season performance.

AJ threw his way to an ALDS win in Detroit that brings the finale back to the Bronx. BOOM! (Image/me)

Great job, AJ. And a friendly "suck it" to all of those who have been very, very loud about his underwhelming performance in the 2011 regular season. Well what about now? Yeah, that's what I thought.

And a million hugs for Grandy, who had a killer night in the field.

Who can? The Grandy man can (Image/me)

Yankees won 10-1 and with the series split at two each, both teams are now Bronx-bound for the decision-making Game 5. I cannot wait for Thursday at Yankee Stadium with Janelle! Go Yankees!


  1. DHAB will be there in spirit! I unfortunately have other matters to attend to in Williamsburg. Maybe they will let me put the game on at the salon...

  2. They had better - despite what your family members think, I do not think you bring bad vibes to the stadium, so we will happily take your presence in spirit.

  3. No offense to your baseball crush (since my football crush was released from the Saints, partly for similar issues), but inconsistency is nothing to brag about. Who wants to keep on a great pitcher when half the time, they're really a belly-itcher?

  4. Because, my sister, this great pitcher (and his teammates) just kept us from being eliminated. Also, he does have the good stuff, it just doesn't always come out. And, to be fair, there is a good chance he won't be a Yankee much longer (which makes me sad on a personal level but not so sad on the fan level).