Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Never Too Late for Pics from a Great Seat

Ugh, winter is upon us (Happy Verteran's Day!) and it's been days since the Cardinals won their 11th World Championship (yay!) but that doesn't mean it's too late for me to post pics...that I meant to post months ago.

On Labor Day, the wonderful, beautiful and extremely kind Nanette received four Delta Sky Box suite tickets from a friend/admirer. She graciously invited me and two of her fellow Creatures, Tina and Dave, to join her in the seats with the (almost) best view in the house.

We got there early to enjoy the view of the warm-ups (Image/me)

I love a freshly shaved Brett Brett head! (Image/me)

What up, Cervi? (obvi, this is for you, DHAB) (Image/me)

Cap'n at the bat (of course, I don't remember what happened here) (Image/me)

Oh, right, he got a HR! Yay Jeter! (Image/me)
Ducks in a row (Image/me)

Swinging for the fences (Image/me)

That's a grand slam - yea boi! (Image/me)

So happy to have seen this (but I'm sure he was happier) (Image/me)

Montero's curtain call, baby! (Image/me)

Tina and Nanette do their 203 thang in 219 (Image/me)

My favorite view in the world (Image/me)

Montero's second HR in the game and second in his career (Image/me)

Curtain call numero dos! (Image/me)

And Nanette calls Dave "Big Head Dave..." (Image/me)

I didn't hate him that game like I hated him the last game (I'm slowly getting over it) (Image/me)
Mo!!! (Image/me)

I'm in love (Image/me)

Three up, three down; that's how Mo do (Image/me)

Thanks again, Nanny. Love you forever and ever!