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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lunch Break: Derek Jeter's season ending injury in GIFs

GIFs keep us all sane in the office most days but this one just makes me sad.

After hearing Derek Jeter was out for the postseason... CasualNY

But since I was there, it was more this...

And ever since, it has been this...


  Thanks to DHAB for the Arrested Development GIF that started this party.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Do women like baseball?

I am your baseball GIRL (All 30 years old) but do women like baseball? Apparently not.

In April, Jezebel launched a series called "I Love Balls" during which one of the site's writers, Lindy West, would chronicle her attempt to love baseball and embrace the game. The title is so...not clever, but more in-your-face like "haha, get it, we are a feminist site but we still love both sports AND sexual innuendo as it pertains to sports. Hilarious ovary-centric irony!"

The 2012 MLB Season column lasted four posts.

Play ball, women! (Image/AP)

I take comfort in the fact that my constructive criticism of this concept is still "the featured comment" on her post about being bored at a game but enjoying her corndog. While I got crap from Red Sox fans (how did your season turn out, ladies?) most people heard me out and engaged in some nice conversation with me. Others immediately wrote me off for being a Yankees fan (again, how did your season go?) but, I get that ish every day so insults hurled on the internet stick about as fast as snow falling in Queens on a late July afternoon.

To give her the benefit of the doubt, it does seem that Lindy, whom I find a very astute, irreverent, funny writer, did move to Seattle during the summer. Of course, I'm pretty sure Seattle has a baseball team of their own.

Maybe she will pick it up again next season? For now, I'll keep doing what I'm doing here, repping for the women girls no, screw it, WOMEN who love baseball.

Lindy, I'd love to hear from you. At least we share a hatred of candy corn, even if our love of sports are on different planes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yankees Game 162 Drinking Game

I have class tonight from 6:30-9:30 (boo and hiss all you want, when you can buy my cookies at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide, you will be a much happier human being) so I will miss the majority of tonight's Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

To mark my absence, I propose that you lose all inhibitions and engage in a drinking game, whether it be beer, milk or Haterade, for tonight's beisbol game:

  • Every time Michael Kay an ESPN commentator Michael Kay mentions how this game could result in a one-game playoff between the Yankees and Orioles, take a drink
  • Every time Alex Rodriguez takes a swinging strike, take a drink
  • Every time you see the back of Saltalamacchia's jersey, drink for six seconds to rep the number of syllables in his name
  • Full count? Refill your drink!
  • When either manager makes an "AT&T Call to the Bullpen," finish your drink
  • Grand slam = slam back your drink
  • Bird on the field = take a shot of Bird Dog whiskey (or, I don't know, apple juice if you are a teetotaller)
Even Dugout Jeter takes a few sips (Image/me)

  • Balk? Spit out your wine in disgust!
  • Stolen base = take a drink from your neighbor's beer stein
  • Brett Gardner comes in to pinch-play, do a happy dance as you swirl your martini!
  • Oh, was that the Orioles/Rays score that just flashed on the screen - take a drink!
  • The Yankees Win? THE YANKEES WIIIIIIIIIIIN keg stand!
That's all I can come up with before I leave for class, but what rules would you add to the Yankees Game 162 Beverage Imbibing Activities? Put them in the comments!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where Have You Been All My Life?

My enjoyment of Yankees baseball hasn't been whole (you know, visually) for nearly the entire season. AJ switched leagues before the first pitch of 2012, sending himself to a media market that I'm not in and Brett Brett hasn't played since mid-April. The absence of the latter forced me to lament every Friday, "I miss Brett Gardner," to whichever friend joined me in my seats.

This evening, the news I caught on my mobile, nearly home from a terrible book party and just-okay tapas with the always-wonderful Vida, made me smile with anticipation.

The Yankees haven't been complete on the field since April 17, 2012 (Image/me)

BB has been called up for "situational" play, so an AB here, a pinch run there. Even occasionally seeing #11 back on the field for the remaining days (or just once, Lord, once!) will make coming to grips with the end of the season a little bit easier.

God speed, Brett. I can't be the only one who has missed you terribly.

More Brett Brett for your pleasure (Image/me)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aiiiiiii! Papi!

He's got such a dang cute smile and I loved my 2009 Melky. I'm very sad to read the news that he is suspended for the next 50 games because of the juice.

As if the Giants weren't hurting enough, with the sub-par season of Lincecum and all the other sad sadness on their sad little faces. Last night's loss to the Nationals couldn't have helped with morale and clearly this is going to make it worse.

The Melk Man or the Juice Man... (Image/NY1)

I guess we'll maybe see you in 2013, Melky Juicey?

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Feel Ya, Joe

Somedays, I wish I could yell, scream, throw my hands in the air and my figurative hat on the ground too, just to get thrown out. Yesterday was one of those days for both Joe G and me. But it didn't work for me.

Do you Joe, do you.

Happy Friday, beautiful readers!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Speaking of the Greatest Baseball Movie of All Time...

Here's another link for my beautiful readers; Moviefone (I know I am the last person in the world who doesn't use Fandango) did a round-up of where A League of Their Own stars are now.

Has anyone seen Madonna lately? Oh, right.

Madonna will always be a Peach to me (Image/Columbia Pictures)

Beating the Off-Day Blues: It's a Great Day for Baseball...Music

It's a gray, rainy day in NYC. This morning's early sunshine gave way to swift-moving black clouds and all-knowing Pat Kiernan has called for scary thunderstorms that will threaten our late afternoon and evening. Thankfully, there is no Yankees baseball to get rained out tonight, so as long as my plants stay safe, I really don't care that it is rainin'.

To fill the Yankees off-day void (yes, I brought back Beating the Off-Day Blues!) check out this Sterogum round-up of five baseball-inspired songs. Link via the wonderful Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy.

What's your favorite baseball song? I gotta say, this is my jam!

Update: I can't count - it is six songs. SIX!

Friday, July 13, 2012

This Is Not an Apology

Because I said I would never do an apology post again.

I've clearly been an absentee blogger for the first half of the season and I do vow that this will change. Hopefully the recent activity has shown this to be true.

I have lots of pics to upload, including from the family trip to Citi, my other trip to Citi with Frenchie, plenty of pics from 420b and 203 at The Stadium and hopefully some pics from my ballin' Field Level MVP seats that I've scored for Sunday.

Thank you, as always, for reading! Go Yankees!

Nothing Says "High Fashion" Like the Mets!

Via Refinery29

CFDA has teamed up (HA-HA! Get it?) with the Amazin' Mets to release a line of designer team apparel. While we can hope that this will expand to other teams - and be higher quality than the VS Pink gear - nothing has been confirmed. Designers of the apparel include leading menswear gurus like Billy Reid, Yigal Azrouël, and Loomstate.

I have never in my life worn a piece of Mets apparel - save for the night that I took my nieces, bro and sis-in-law to the Mets game in late May and I put on my giveaway Mets hat for ten seconds for a family photo (sorry, I never did get those adorable pics up...yet...) - but I am really, really digging this unisex Mr. Met t-shirt by Shipley & Hamos.

While I'm sure the t-shirt would be appreciated around my Astoria hood, I'm also pretty sure it would get my ass beat in 203 at Yankee Stadium, so I will probably save my $95 for some jewelry or, I don't know, rent.

Who knows, maybe Mets fans will need this $125 hoodie at Citi come October (Image/edition01)
Will you be preordering the gear or rushing to Citi to stock up?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lunch Break: Check Your Attic, Bros

Via the Chive

A family in Ohio found in the attic of a long-deceased relative what is conservatively estitmated to be more than $3 million worth of early 20th century baseball cards. The mint-condition cards include Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Connie Mack (who is not a woman, despite what Lisa Simpson thought in the MoneyBART episode).

Connie Mack, not a woman (Image/unknown via Boston.com)

I'm not quite ready to brave the attic crawlspace of my rented, built-in-1906 home to poke around for hidden Ty Cobb cards but maybe one of my guy friends will...one of my honest guy friends. And then, baseball cookies for all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All-Star, Shmall-Shtar

I guess the Yankees won't have home-field advantage for the World Series this year, after the National League trounced the American League in the All Star Game.

The final score was 8-0 and what I managed to watch while flitting from friend to friend at a gathering last night was that Derek Jeter got all the hits but no run-support and Josh Hamilton is a better left fielder than Andruw Jones or Raul Ibanez or whomever is in left field for the Yankees while our Brett Brett is injured.

Now, we just have to make it two more days before we get Yankees ball on Friday night. Will anyone else be there? I'm taking Frenchie, for what will be her second New York baseball game in a week (that post to come this weekend).


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lunch Break: The Truth Is Out!

I, and other female baseball viewers, are only in it to spend quality time with the mens.

Oh wait, that's just nineteen, married, hetrosexual, white women who watch the sports to bond with their husbands. Carry on.

[Via Jezebel]

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bad Ass Girl Throws Balls Like a Bad Ass

Eleven-year-old Nadia Diaz struck out nineteen boys in a Little League Championship series last Saturday; says softball is "too girly."

Well, she's eleven, so hopefully as she grows older, she will disassociate sports with gender, but for now, she is definitely one to watch..

Too bad she rocks the ugly red bees.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy birthday, Mistah Jeter!

May I be among the first to wish you a happy 38th year, my dear Yankee Captain! See you at the Stadium tonight, I'll be sitting next to your future ex-girlfriend, Nanette. Holla at us in 203!

Birthday boy! (Image/me)

Monday, June 25, 2012


Disgusting, gross, pig-faced (ahem). A Major League Baseball player named Kevin Youkilis now plays for the White Sox. This devastating news came to a head today, when the 33-year-old infielder stuffed his bear skin rug-covered arms into a Good Guys uniform for his first game with the Southsiders.

Undeserving of being called a "Good Guy" and, therefore, wearing black (Image/B*ston Herald)

At press time (aka melatonin-is-kicking-in time) the White Sox were down 4-1 to the freaking Twins (seriously?!) and this can only be attributed to the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, awful, horrid fact that a decorated Bad Sox player (MVP, rings, Gold Gloves, blah, blah) is now playing for a team that I generally want to win.

Where is Scott Proctor when you need him?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Surprise: Free Diamondbacks Tickets!

Do I have any Arizona readers out there? If so, you can score free Diamondbacks tickets on June 16th, just in time for Father's Day!

Simply visit a Cox Arizona store to get a voucher for two free tickets which can be redeemed for seats in the Infield Reserve seating location (Sections 305-327) for any one Arizona Diamondbacks home game, Monday, June 18 – Wednesday, June 20, 2012. How cool is that?

I would love to take advantage of this, especially if it meant going with my father, who lived in AZ during his last years. Alas, I am in NYC with no plans to head West this weekend. If you live in Arizona, or know a wonderful Dad who does, please check this out!

No guarantee of seeing a snake at a game (boo!) but the Match up vs. the Mariners should be a good time!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lunch Break: Pop Candy Recommends a Baseball Book!

Well, it's a baseball graphic novel, but still, the lovely Whitney Matheson suggests that readers peep "Hit by Pitch," a graphic novel by Molly Lawless. The author writes and illustrates that tragic 1920 game that cost Indians shortstop, Ray Chapman, his life, after being hit by a pitch thrown by Yankees player, Carl Mays. I'm definitely picking this book up for my trip to Chicago this week (more on that later).

Getting hit in the head by a baseball is a serious matter, as evidenced by the massive helmets that players like Cervelli and David Wright wear. I remember seeing David Wright take that fast ball to the head in August 2009 and it was terrifying. I was cat sitting for my former neighbors, Teddy and Leigh. There was no Yankees baseball that day, as I recall, and my kitty friend, Olive, and I were watching the Mets play on Leigh and Teddy's nice flat-screen TV when Wright took a 94-mph fast ball to the temple. Olive and I watched in horror as Wright lay face-down on the ground, not-moving. I really don't think I took a breath until we saw him stir on the screen.

Hit by pitch? We've got a helmet for that (Image via Deadspin)

Why such concern over a Mets player, you are asking? Well, #1 I'm a Queens girl and #2 I love the men who play the game, even if they are not Yankees players. Watching any baseball player get seriously, critically or fatally injured is not something I ever want to witness (again).

If you have never seen the moment, feel free to Google "David Wright Hit By Pitch" and you will find it. I can't bring myself to link to it, or even rewatch it, as I can still vividly see it replay in my mind, almost three years later.

Now, as for my trip to Chicago, it will also explain my absence as of late. I have been working incredibly hard on the PR efforts for Green Festival in New York and Chicago. New York was over Earth Day weekend and Chicago is this coming weekend. That doesn't mean I haven't been to games (I have been to six games since the season started) but I have also only had three days off in the past three weeks and sitting at a computer is not something I want to do in my downtime (all I want to do is sleep and watch baseball). I have pictures downloaded onto my laptop and I will work on getting them up during my flights to and from Chicago and also during my family vacation next week.

See you soon! Go Yankees!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blame Canada! Blue Jays Photobomb

Peep the sneaky kid from Friday Photobombs on The Chive.

I bought a Heineken at Comiskey when I was 18, but that's barely  beer so it shouldn't even count. My Dad was not amused because he was a school administrator in the CPSD, so I drank it while I wandered the stadium. I was in college and just happy to have a brew.

I know exactly what this kid is feeling and it is awesome.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PR Girl Problems

My second favorite Twitter hashtag, after #Yankees, is #PRGirlProblems. Right now, I'm sitting at the conference table, alone, working on a media strategy. I've got some Ri Ri blasting, my Twitter feed open and GameDay prepped. It would be optimal, considering my current cable problems, if our office cable box included the YES Network, but it doesn't.

For some reason, I cannot convince our office manager, Lizzie, that upgrading our cable package is integral to productivity. I'm not sure if these are #PRGirlProblems or #YankeesFanProblems.

Whatever they are, first pitch is on. Let's go Yankees!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Social Media in Action

As a PR girl and the writer of this blog, I use social media in my personal and professional life. I really can't escape it on any given day, even if I wanted to, without going to a remote island, or at the very least, back to London where my mobile didn't work and my internet access was tethered to my proximity to my laptop and Tom's secure WiFi connection. I found social media joining my home life when I realized that I was having a problem with watching my New York Yankees in the comfort of my living room.

The season has just started and I've seen about half of the Yankees game (since tonight is game five, that would be two and a half games). I watched the game on Friday with two colleagues at Old Town Bar (when you go, sit at the bar by the sole TV, ask for Patrick to pour you pitchers and shots, but don't bother with the trip to view the city's oldest urinals in the back).

I should be watching my fifth full game right now as the Yankees are in extra innings against the Orioles and it is the fifth game of the season, but, on Saturday, my cable box decided it didn't like delivering its service and the signal began to come in choppy, with extended periods of freezing, no sound and total black-out. This meant that I saw part of the game that afternoon and then, to my further chagrin, even less of the game on Sunday.

While on hold with a Time Warner Cable phone rep on Sunday (when my TWC landline was also going in and out and hissing crackling noises in my ear while the helpful Spencer patiently tried to work through my electronic issues), I tweeted that my cable was preventing me from watching the Yankees play, but that they were playing so poorly that the sting wasn't as bad. I didn't tweet @TWCableHelp, but did use the company name in full. Within minutes, I had a response:

Click image to enlarge

The tweet came in while I wrapped up my call with the TWC rep, who got me an appointment for seven days later (!!!). I continued to try to watch the game, engaged in other light game-related banter on Twitter and then, I responded to the tweet from the cable company:

Click image to enlarge

Well, other things did arise. First, later that evening, Mad Men was rendered unwatchable by a screen that flashed fragments of AMC's broadcast image followed by an all-out freeze at the 20 minute mark (still haven't watched it). Mad Men wasn't enough to make me tweet at that very moment, but the next evening, when I returned from work, I found the YES Network showing a black screen, not the Yankees at Orioles.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary! I mean, birthday! I mean...thanks for reading!

I just got an email with the receipt for my domain name, which means this little blog is two years old today. My, how you have grown, my darling Your Baseball Girl.

If this were our second wedding anniversary, I would give you some cotton (A Jeter jersey, perhaps) and if it were your second birthday, I would make you a cake (eh, maybe a cookie cake) but it's not. Heck, it's not even MY birthday (cake/cake/cake/cake/cake link NSFW without headphones).

And it's not even my birthday... (Image/Blippitt)

To my readers, thank you so much for clicking and making sense of my ramblings, especially those of you who read my blog from Germany and China (I know you guys LOVE DHAB and she loves you too) and thanks for continuing to read in 2012. Go Yankees!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Lunch Break: My Twitter Feed Is Blowing Up

Oh my, Andy. How you can take a gray New York late winter day and make it seem like heaven.

About 20 minutes ago, I signed on to Twitter to do something time-wasting and saw "Andy Pettitte is back!" "Yay boi, Andy Pettitte!" and the like. I exclaimed "Oh my God" and ran to the office TV in the front of the office. After reassuring my colleagues that it was Yankees-related news and not that the world was ending, I was unable to find coverage on our basic cable, however my Twitter peeps had all the information we needed.

Within minutes, Andy Pettitte was a trending topic on Twitter (see below) and my Twitter feed was blowing up with elated messages and simple cries of "ANDY PETTITTE!)

My Twitter feed shortly after the news broke. Note the one dude talking about Manningham (click to enlarge)

More Andy joy (click to enlarge)

Could there be more glorious Yankees news? Bernie, anything you would like to announce?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gaga writes slightly less coherently about baseball than I

Lady Gaga's V magazine piece on baseball via Deadspin; it seems to be more about pearls than baseball:

Deadspin (found via Jezebel)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Mariano Day! UPDATED!

No, it isn't his birthday, but it is 42 more days until Yankees Baseball 2012 commences. I'm not horrible at math, but I did use the Wolfram Alpha computer to help me make sure I added and subtracted days and months correctly:

42 seems like a long time (and it is) but when considered in the context of 0.11 years from now, it makes me sit up a little straighter and think, gee, what can I do in the next 0.11 years between now and when the Yankees throw their first ball in Anaheim Tampa (oops)?

Well, I can blog (duh) but I will also set up my sole prop for my cookie company and fulfill my first order. Maybe I'll get a few more catering jobs for cookies and be on my way to selling my baseball cookies in Yankee Stadium. That'll be a pretty successful 42 days. I also have quite a bit of travel between now and then, including a trip to DC and a trip to Anaheim - unfortunately, not for Yankees at Angels baseball.

Enjoy your  Mariano Day and take a moment to think about what you are going to do in the next 0.11 years. Feel free to leave your goals in the comments!

UPDATE - a curator at Wolfram made the Widget for the blog which counts down the hours to the Yankees season opener. Check it in the upper right!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday = Made. Thank you, James Scott

With news of AJ's trade to Pittsburgh all but finalized, I found happiness in playing the EJ-DiMera-shirtless Google-search game with my colleague, Samantha.

Our search yielded some wonderful photos of James Scott, the actor who plays EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives without a shirt, but also some of him in a Yankees cap:

Yankees Daddy (Image via FanPop)
I don't know what event this is from nor why he is holding cupcakes (you like cookies more, right, James?) but that is clearly not important. James is from the UK and presumably lives in LA to film DOOL, so hopefully the cap is more than a sexy fashion statement and he is a real Yankees fan. James, the next time you're in NYC and hitting the Bronx, let me know and we can meet for a beer near 116.

More photos of James here, also, the Google image result of "EJ DiMera shirtless" is here. You're welcome, ladies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There Is Only One Bernie Williams

But there are 51 days until the Yankees play their first 2012 regular season game. 51, my favorite Yankee number, but seems like eons from now when considered as roughly 1,221 hours from now.

(Image via BernieWilliams.net)

I've been dreaming about baseball on and off for a few weeks; I generally do not have good dreams and all I can remember of them is being in Yankee Stadium or, in one case, CitiField. I hope they are good dreams involving behind-the-dugout cookies, beers with Double Hat Action Bronson and Yankee wins.

(Image via Photobucket)

We've had a mild winter here in New York; I can count the number of snowstorms I've seen on one hand (actually, I can make a peace sign) and the "big" snowstorm we had the night before my birthday happened while I was in London in the sunshine, but warmer days without baseball are still days without baseball and I'll shiver in a blizzard on April 13th over 55 degrees in February as long as I am watching my Yankees.

I love you, #51, but I need the days to drop a lot faster then they already are.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Didn't Someone Think of this Sooner?

Oh, they did; it's called Fantasy Baseball, just sans the sexism/dumbing down for the womenfolk who can't watch baseball for the sport but just for the dreams of having a rich ballplayer boyfriend.

Jezebel report on Baseball Boyfriend

Now you're saying "But, Joanna, you talk about sexy baseball players all the time, you have a tag called 'Hotness' and even objectify players who are not sexy like AJ." Why yes, I do, but would I waste $2.99 for an app for my Droid that let's me keep track of AJ's wins (ahem) and has cute little hearts with arrows through them around his photo? Eff to the no. I wouldn't waste the GB on my phone.

I also do not make the desire to mate with one of "the men who play the game" the sole reason for my site; I can be a silly girl and talk about a player's behind but I also can also be a smart girl and talk about the beauty of the game in itself. The "Baseball Boyfriend" marginalizes the entire sport as well as the women who enjoy baseball for the duality of the game's pleasures.

In other app news, a photo I took at Citifield is going to be in a NYC-centric app, out in the spring. I will post more about that as I have news. Go me!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

40/40 Club or that time when I met C.C.

I got to go to the reopening of the 40/40 Club in Manhattan last night. Jay-Z was there since it is his club (yawn, I see him like every day at Yankee Stadium) but while everyone was looking to peep him and Beyonce, I had my eyes peeled for C.C. Sabathia and A-Rod, who were rumored to come. The latter was a no-show but C.C. came around 11 p.m.

I was carrying beers back from the bar to the table where my friends were chilling and Erin said "Joanna, turn around." There was no missing C.C. Sabathia, even in a packed club, and Erin said I made a beeline for him, dragging Jeanne, who had a camera to make up for my dead cell phone, by the arm.

I asked him to take a picture, he obliged and Jeanne snapped it. The encounter was brief but there is photographic evidence...now I just need Jeanne to send me the pic., which I will post here as soon as I can!

I'm running away to London this weekend. I doubt I will run into a Yankee there, but I'll keep a lookout and my camera in hand.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, AJ!

 Cutie pie deserves some birthday cake...or pie (Image/stolen from Wiki without making a donation)

Come over any time after 9 tonight and get your presents.