Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gaga writes slightly less coherently about baseball than I

Lady Gaga's V magazine piece on baseball via Deadspin; it seems to be more about pearls than baseball:

Deadspin (found via Jezebel)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Mariano Day! UPDATED!

No, it isn't his birthday, but it is 42 more days until Yankees Baseball 2012 commences. I'm not horrible at math, but I did use the Wolfram Alpha computer to help me make sure I added and subtracted days and months correctly:

42 seems like a long time (and it is) but when considered in the context of 0.11 years from now, it makes me sit up a little straighter and think, gee, what can I do in the next 0.11 years between now and when the Yankees throw their first ball in Anaheim Tampa (oops)?

Well, I can blog (duh) but I will also set up my sole prop for my cookie company and fulfill my first order. Maybe I'll get a few more catering jobs for cookies and be on my way to selling my baseball cookies in Yankee Stadium. That'll be a pretty successful 42 days. I also have quite a bit of travel between now and then, including a trip to DC and a trip to Anaheim - unfortunately, not for Yankees at Angels baseball.

Enjoy your  Mariano Day and take a moment to think about what you are going to do in the next 0.11 years. Feel free to leave your goals in the comments!

UPDATE - a curator at Wolfram made the Widget for the blog which counts down the hours to the Yankees season opener. Check it in the upper right!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday = Made. Thank you, James Scott

With news of AJ's trade to Pittsburgh all but finalized, I found happiness in playing the EJ-DiMera-shirtless Google-search game with my colleague, Samantha.

Our search yielded some wonderful photos of James Scott, the actor who plays EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives without a shirt, but also some of him in a Yankees cap:

Yankees Daddy (Image via FanPop)
I don't know what event this is from nor why he is holding cupcakes (you like cookies more, right, James?) but that is clearly not important. James is from the UK and presumably lives in LA to film DOOL, so hopefully the cap is more than a sexy fashion statement and he is a real Yankees fan. James, the next time you're in NYC and hitting the Bronx, let me know and we can meet for a beer near 116.

More photos of James here, also, the Google image result of "EJ DiMera shirtless" is here. You're welcome, ladies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There Is Only One Bernie Williams

But there are 51 days until the Yankees play their first 2012 regular season game. 51, my favorite Yankee number, but seems like eons from now when considered as roughly 1,221 hours from now.

(Image via BernieWilliams.net)

I've been dreaming about baseball on and off for a few weeks; I generally do not have good dreams and all I can remember of them is being in Yankee Stadium or, in one case, CitiField. I hope they are good dreams involving behind-the-dugout cookies, beers with Double Hat Action Bronson and Yankee wins.

(Image via Photobucket)

We've had a mild winter here in New York; I can count the number of snowstorms I've seen on one hand (actually, I can make a peace sign) and the "big" snowstorm we had the night before my birthday happened while I was in London in the sunshine, but warmer days without baseball are still days without baseball and I'll shiver in a blizzard on April 13th over 55 degrees in February as long as I am watching my Yankees.

I love you, #51, but I need the days to drop a lot faster then they already are.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Didn't Someone Think of this Sooner?

Oh, they did; it's called Fantasy Baseball, just sans the sexism/dumbing down for the womenfolk who can't watch baseball for the sport but just for the dreams of having a rich ballplayer boyfriend.

Jezebel report on Baseball Boyfriend

Now you're saying "But, Joanna, you talk about sexy baseball players all the time, you have a tag called 'Hotness' and even objectify players who are not sexy like AJ." Why yes, I do, but would I waste $2.99 for an app for my Droid that let's me keep track of AJ's wins (ahem) and has cute little hearts with arrows through them around his photo? Eff to the no. I wouldn't waste the GB on my phone.

I also do not make the desire to mate with one of "the men who play the game" the sole reason for my site; I can be a silly girl and talk about a player's behind but I also can also be a smart girl and talk about the beauty of the game in itself. The "Baseball Boyfriend" marginalizes the entire sport as well as the women who enjoy baseball for the duality of the game's pleasures.

In other app news, a photo I took at Citifield is going to be in a NYC-centric app, out in the spring. I will post more about that as I have news. Go me!