Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Mariano Day! UPDATED!

No, it isn't his birthday, but it is 42 more days until Yankees Baseball 2012 commences. I'm not horrible at math, but I did use the Wolfram Alpha computer to help me make sure I added and subtracted days and months correctly:

42 seems like a long time (and it is) but when considered in the context of 0.11 years from now, it makes me sit up a little straighter and think, gee, what can I do in the next 0.11 years between now and when the Yankees throw their first ball in Anaheim Tampa (oops)?

Well, I can blog (duh) but I will also set up my sole prop for my cookie company and fulfill my first order. Maybe I'll get a few more catering jobs for cookies and be on my way to selling my baseball cookies in Yankee Stadium. That'll be a pretty successful 42 days. I also have quite a bit of travel between now and then, including a trip to DC and a trip to Anaheim - unfortunately, not for Yankees at Angels baseball.

Enjoy your  Mariano Day and take a moment to think about what you are going to do in the next 0.11 years. Feel free to leave your goals in the comments!

UPDATE - a curator at Wolfram made the Widget for the blog which counts down the hours to the Yankees season opener. Check it in the upper right!

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