Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There Is Only One Bernie Williams

But there are 51 days until the Yankees play their first 2012 regular season game. 51, my favorite Yankee number, but seems like eons from now when considered as roughly 1,221 hours from now.

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I've been dreaming about baseball on and off for a few weeks; I generally do not have good dreams and all I can remember of them is being in Yankee Stadium or, in one case, CitiField. I hope they are good dreams involving behind-the-dugout cookies, beers with Double Hat Action Bronson and Yankee wins.

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We've had a mild winter here in New York; I can count the number of snowstorms I've seen on one hand (actually, I can make a peace sign) and the "big" snowstorm we had the night before my birthday happened while I was in London in the sunshine, but warmer days without baseball are still days without baseball and I'll shiver in a blizzard on April 13th over 55 degrees in February as long as I am watching my Yankees.

I love you, #51, but I need the days to drop a lot faster then they already are.

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