Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Didn't Someone Think of this Sooner?

Oh, they did; it's called Fantasy Baseball, just sans the sexism/dumbing down for the womenfolk who can't watch baseball for the sport but just for the dreams of having a rich ballplayer boyfriend.

Jezebel report on Baseball Boyfriend

Now you're saying "But, Joanna, you talk about sexy baseball players all the time, you have a tag called 'Hotness' and even objectify players who are not sexy like AJ." Why yes, I do, but would I waste $2.99 for an app for my Droid that let's me keep track of AJ's wins (ahem) and has cute little hearts with arrows through them around his photo? Eff to the no. I wouldn't waste the GB on my phone.

I also do not make the desire to mate with one of "the men who play the game" the sole reason for my site; I can be a silly girl and talk about a player's behind but I also can also be a smart girl and talk about the beauty of the game in itself. The "Baseball Boyfriend" marginalizes the entire sport as well as the women who enjoy baseball for the duality of the game's pleasures.

In other app news, a photo I took at Citifield is going to be in a NYC-centric app, out in the spring. I will post more about that as I have news. Go me!

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