Friday, March 16, 2012

Lunch Break: My Twitter Feed Is Blowing Up

Oh my, Andy. How you can take a gray New York late winter day and make it seem like heaven.

About 20 minutes ago, I signed on to Twitter to do something time-wasting and saw "Andy Pettitte is back!" "Yay boi, Andy Pettitte!" and the like. I exclaimed "Oh my God" and ran to the office TV in the front of the office. After reassuring my colleagues that it was Yankees-related news and not that the world was ending, I was unable to find coverage on our basic cable, however my Twitter peeps had all the information we needed.

Within minutes, Andy Pettitte was a trending topic on Twitter (see below) and my Twitter feed was blowing up with elated messages and simple cries of "ANDY PETTITTE!)

My Twitter feed shortly after the news broke. Note the one dude talking about Manningham (click to enlarge)

More Andy joy (click to enlarge)

Could there be more glorious Yankees news? Bernie, anything you would like to announce?

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