Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lunch Break: Pop Candy Recommends a Baseball Book!

Well, it's a baseball graphic novel, but still, the lovely Whitney Matheson suggests that readers peep "Hit by Pitch," a graphic novel by Molly Lawless. The author writes and illustrates that tragic 1920 game that cost Indians shortstop, Ray Chapman, his life, after being hit by a pitch thrown by Yankees player, Carl Mays. I'm definitely picking this book up for my trip to Chicago this week (more on that later).

Getting hit in the head by a baseball is a serious matter, as evidenced by the massive helmets that players like Cervelli and David Wright wear. I remember seeing David Wright take that fast ball to the head in August 2009 and it was terrifying. I was cat sitting for my former neighbors, Teddy and Leigh. There was no Yankees baseball that day, as I recall, and my kitty friend, Olive, and I were watching the Mets play on Leigh and Teddy's nice flat-screen TV when Wright took a 94-mph fast ball to the temple. Olive and I watched in horror as Wright lay face-down on the ground, not-moving. I really don't think I took a breath until we saw him stir on the screen.

Hit by pitch? We've got a helmet for that (Image via Deadspin)

Why such concern over a Mets player, you are asking? Well, #1 I'm a Queens girl and #2 I love the men who play the game, even if they are not Yankees players. Watching any baseball player get seriously, critically or fatally injured is not something I ever want to witness (again).

If you have never seen the moment, feel free to Google "David Wright Hit By Pitch" and you will find it. I can't bring myself to link to it, or even rewatch it, as I can still vividly see it replay in my mind, almost three years later.

Now, as for my trip to Chicago, it will also explain my absence as of late. I have been working incredibly hard on the PR efforts for Green Festival in New York and Chicago. New York was over Earth Day weekend and Chicago is this coming weekend. That doesn't mean I haven't been to games (I have been to six games since the season started) but I have also only had three days off in the past three weeks and sitting at a computer is not something I want to do in my downtime (all I want to do is sleep and watch baseball). I have pictures downloaded onto my laptop and I will work on getting them up during my flights to and from Chicago and also during my family vacation next week.

See you soon! Go Yankees!


  1. I won a farm league game getting hit in the head by a pitch - of course 3rd graders can only throw a ball 80, maybe 85 mph ...

  2. There is no "I" in team, sir. Did the individual win the game or did the team?