Friday, June 29, 2012

Bad Ass Girl Throws Balls Like a Bad Ass

Eleven-year-old Nadia Diaz struck out nineteen boys in a Little League Championship series last Saturday; says softball is "too girly."

Well, she's eleven, so hopefully as she grows older, she will disassociate sports with gender, but for now, she is definitely one to watch..

Too bad she rocks the ugly red bees.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy birthday, Mistah Jeter!

May I be among the first to wish you a happy 38th year, my dear Yankee Captain! See you at the Stadium tonight, I'll be sitting next to your future ex-girlfriend, Nanette. Holla at us in 203!

Birthday boy! (Image/me)

Monday, June 25, 2012


Disgusting, gross, pig-faced (ahem). A Major League Baseball player named Kevin Youkilis now plays for the White Sox. This devastating news came to a head today, when the 33-year-old infielder stuffed his bear skin rug-covered arms into a Good Guys uniform for his first game with the Southsiders.

Undeserving of being called a "Good Guy" and, therefore, wearing black (Image/B*ston Herald)

At press time (aka melatonin-is-kicking-in time) the White Sox were down 4-1 to the freaking Twins (seriously?!) and this can only be attributed to the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, awful, horrid fact that a decorated Bad Sox player (MVP, rings, Gold Gloves, blah, blah) is now playing for a team that I generally want to win.

Where is Scott Proctor when you need him?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Surprise: Free Diamondbacks Tickets!

Do I have any Arizona readers out there? If so, you can score free Diamondbacks tickets on June 16th, just in time for Father's Day!

Simply visit a Cox Arizona store to get a voucher for two free tickets which can be redeemed for seats in the Infield Reserve seating location (Sections 305-327) for any one Arizona Diamondbacks home game, Monday, June 18 – Wednesday, June 20, 2012. How cool is that?

I would love to take advantage of this, especially if it meant going with my father, who lived in AZ during his last years. Alas, I am in NYC with no plans to head West this weekend. If you live in Arizona, or know a wonderful Dad who does, please check this out!

No guarantee of seeing a snake at a game (boo!) but the Match up vs. the Mariners should be a good time!