Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beating the Off-Day Blues: It's a Great Day for Baseball...Music

It's a gray, rainy day in NYC. This morning's early sunshine gave way to swift-moving black clouds and all-knowing Pat Kiernan has called for scary thunderstorms that will threaten our late afternoon and evening. Thankfully, there is no Yankees baseball to get rained out tonight, so as long as my plants stay safe, I really don't care that it is rainin'.

To fill the Yankees off-day void (yes, I brought back Beating the Off-Day Blues!) check out this Sterogum round-up of five baseball-inspired songs. Link via the wonderful Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy.

What's your favorite baseball song? I gotta say, this is my jam!

Update: I can't count - it is six songs. SIX!

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