Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing Says "High Fashion" Like the Mets!

Via Refinery29

CFDA has teamed up (HA-HA! Get it?) with the Amazin' Mets to release a line of designer team apparel. While we can hope that this will expand to other teams - and be higher quality than the VS Pink gear - nothing has been confirmed. Designers of the apparel include leading menswear gurus like Billy Reid, Yigal Azrouël, and Loomstate.

I have never in my life worn a piece of Mets apparel - save for the night that I took my nieces, bro and sis-in-law to the Mets game in late May and I put on my giveaway Mets hat for ten seconds for a family photo (sorry, I never did get those adorable pics up...yet...) - but I am really, really digging this unisex Mr. Met t-shirt by Shipley & Hamos.

While I'm sure the t-shirt would be appreciated around my Astoria hood, I'm also pretty sure it would get my ass beat in 203 at Yankee Stadium, so I will probably save my $95 for some jewelry or, I don't know, rent.

Who knows, maybe Mets fans will need this $125 hoodie at Citi come October (Image/edition01)
Will you be preordering the gear or rushing to Citi to stock up?


  1. You asked "Will you be preordering the gear or rushing to Citi to stock up?" and I just wanted to inform you that I do not plan to do either. -DHAB

  2. What if they had double hats, DHAB? Would you run, not walk, then?

  3. I'd consider it. Only if they were available in the Bronx though, of course.

  4. President of 3M (Make Mets Matter)July 13, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    $95 won't cover much jewelry or rent, you should use that money for something charitable, like helping those poor struggling Mets think they matter.

  5. Madame President, the Nye Mets ain't ain't not doing too badly right now.

  6. Buying jewelry seems to suit you better! Your one and only...:)

  7. I am pretty good at buying jewelry, especially Hovey Lee!