Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where Have You Been All My Life?

My enjoyment of Yankees baseball hasn't been whole (you know, visually) for nearly the entire season. AJ switched leagues before the first pitch of 2012, sending himself to a media market that I'm not in and Brett Brett hasn't played since mid-April. The absence of the latter forced me to lament every Friday, "I miss Brett Gardner," to whichever friend joined me in my seats.

This evening, the news I caught on my mobile, nearly home from a terrible book party and just-okay tapas with the always-wonderful Vida, made me smile with anticipation.

The Yankees haven't been complete on the field since April 17, 2012 (Image/me)

BB has been called up for "situational" play, so an AB here, a pinch run there. Even occasionally seeing #11 back on the field for the remaining days (or just once, Lord, once!) will make coming to grips with the end of the season a little bit easier.

God speed, Brett. I can't be the only one who has missed you terribly.

More Brett Brett for your pleasure (Image/me)



  1. yayyyy for Brett!!! you're not alone in missing him!! i can't wait to see him out there!! great post!! :)

  2. Thanks, Yankeegirl718! I'm glad to have been inspired to write by our beautiful Brett.

  3. me too! and i'm glad the yanks will always give you inspiration to keep the blog going! :)

  4. Yessss. I want to live blog a WS win from Yankee Stadium with my CT girl!

  5. that would be amazinggg!! i love it!!