Monday, October 8, 2012

Do women like baseball?

I am your baseball GIRL (All 30 years old) but do women like baseball? Apparently not.

In April, Jezebel launched a series called "I Love Balls" during which one of the site's writers, Lindy West, would chronicle her attempt to love baseball and embrace the game. The title is so...not clever, but more in-your-face like "haha, get it, we are a feminist site but we still love both sports AND sexual innuendo as it pertains to sports. Hilarious ovary-centric irony!"

The 2012 MLB Season column lasted four posts.

Play ball, women! (Image/AP)

I take comfort in the fact that my constructive criticism of this concept is still "the featured comment" on her post about being bored at a game but enjoying her corndog. While I got crap from Red Sox fans (how did your season turn out, ladies?) most people heard me out and engaged in some nice conversation with me. Others immediately wrote me off for being a Yankees fan (again, how did your season go?) but, I get that ish every day so insults hurled on the internet stick about as fast as snow falling in Queens on a late July afternoon.

To give her the benefit of the doubt, it does seem that Lindy, whom I find a very astute, irreverent, funny writer, did move to Seattle during the summer. Of course, I'm pretty sure Seattle has a baseball team of their own.

Maybe she will pick it up again next season? For now, I'll keep doing what I'm doing here, repping for the women girls no, screw it, WOMEN who love baseball.

Lindy, I'd love to hear from you. At least we share a hatred of candy corn, even if our love of sports are on different planes.


  1. You write like a grown woman while, more often than not, Lindy writes like a sugar-saturated sorority girl gabbing to her women's studies project partner while she watches E! News.