Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yankees Game 162 Drinking Game

I have class tonight from 6:30-9:30 (boo and hiss all you want, when you can buy my cookies at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide, you will be a much happier human being) so I will miss the majority of tonight's Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

To mark my absence, I propose that you lose all inhibitions and engage in a drinking game, whether it be beer, milk or Haterade, for tonight's beisbol game:

  • Every time Michael Kay an ESPN commentator Michael Kay mentions how this game could result in a one-game playoff between the Yankees and Orioles, take a drink
  • Every time Alex Rodriguez takes a swinging strike, take a drink
  • Every time you see the back of Saltalamacchia's jersey, drink for six seconds to rep the number of syllables in his name
  • Full count? Refill your drink!
  • When either manager makes an "AT&T Call to the Bullpen," finish your drink
  • Grand slam = slam back your drink
  • Bird on the field = take a shot of Bird Dog whiskey (or, I don't know, apple juice if you are a teetotaller)
Even Dugout Jeter takes a few sips (Image/me)

  • Balk? Spit out your wine in disgust!
  • Stolen base = take a drink from your neighbor's beer stein
  • Brett Gardner comes in to pinch-play, do a happy dance as you swirl your martini!
  • Oh, was that the Orioles/Rays score that just flashed on the screen - take a drink!
  • The Yankees Win? THE YANKEES WIIIIIIIIIIIN keg stand!
That's all I can come up with before I leave for class, but what rules would you add to the Yankees Game 162 Beverage Imbibing Activities? Put them in the comments!


  1. See Joe Girardi in the dugout, his hand cupped under his chin, fingers curled to touch his upper lip = take the tiniest sip, pinky out.

    See Joe Girardi throw his hat to the ground in disgust = crush a beer can on your forehead.

  2. love it! very creative :)

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. I love your creative commenter name! ;)

  4. ejected for bad behavior - steal the person to your left's drink and throw it in the face of the person to your right.

  5. And smash the glass on the floor like a BOSS