Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Take a Moment to Appreciate the Number 11

11 days until Yankees baseball and I am EVER so delighted that Brett Gardner is healthy and playing in the starting line up (knock on all the wood in the entire universe).


Here are some things (11 things) to do to pass the time over the next 11 days:

1. Watch preseason Yankees ball on YES, admire the cute uniforms sans Pinstripes

2. Plan to watch preseason ball, forget and go to see Tina Fey's new movie instead

3. Iron all of your Yankees shirts, fold neatly, admire your Gap-worthy folding skills

4. Place bets on who the starting catcher will be (DHAB is offering 2-1 on Cervelli)

5. Massage Mark Teixeira's wrist for him (and then report back, please)

6. Watch NBA basketball (as IF!)

7. Watch every Simpsons baseball episode, and the two Blernsball episodes of Futurama for good measure; learn Dancin' Homer's "Baby Elephant Walk" jig

Dance, Dancin' Homer, dance! (Image/FOX)

8. Watch the World Baseball Classic, cheer for Puerto Rico...oh, wait...

9. Buy a new baseball cap. Yours is looking a little worse for wear and frankly, after the way the Yankees ended last season, is probably ripe with bad juju

10. Stock up on bargain peanuts, cracker jacks

11. Spend time bidding all of your non-baseball-loving friends a happy spring, summer and fall. See you in November!


  1. I wiped all my hat's bad juju on my neighbor's Boston hat at the end of the season, so I think I'm good to go ...

  2. picked up some bad juju from the even more blowful Bad've really screwed all of baseball with that move.