Monday, May 13, 2013

Guest blog: Wherein Jean Puts Down "The Great Gatsby" and Watches Some Baseball

On the first of May, my friend, Jean S. joined me for the Yankees v. Astros game. We skipped our Grandstand seats to sit in available left-field Terrace seats, having found an unguarded section and rows and rows of seats without butts. 

Jean, being a baseball newbie, asked a lot of questions, including if she could guest blog on YBG.

Below are the top five takeaways from the game, as written by Jean:

1. Canada only has one baseball team 

2. Jayson Nix has a brother named Laynce 

3. Joanna got into a fight with a bongo player on the 4 train. [ed: he is a horrible, horrible man who deserved to be arrested for harassment, panhandling and general assh*lery]

4. Papa Johns makes damn good pizza. [ed: LIES]

5. Innings are stupid. 

About Jean S.: Jean lives and works in New York City. Her experience with baseball involves one Mets game in high school (it rained, so we went home); and a Yankees game last summer, when she met Mariano Rivera. However she considers her outing with Jo, Yankees fan #1, to have been her true introduction to the sport.


  1. Very insightful comments, Jean!

  2. She's kind of smart, sometimes.

  3. Chicago baseball fanMay 15, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    1. Canadia used to have two baseball teams, but since summer is only three weeks long up there, the teams have started defecting.

    2. Hym?

    3. Joanna's just mad because they were drowning out her steel drum act.

    4. No. Gross. Just, no. You're in New York for gods' sakes. It's not Chicago, but still ...

    5. What's stupid is not serving beer past the 7th inning.