Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ASG Recap: He's My Boy!

Mariano shut down the All Star Game last night. Well, duh! Of course he did.

Mo does his thing, you watch in awe (Image/Wikipedia?)

Even though he came in for the bottom of the 8th, not the 9th, his appearance, subsequent standing ovation from every human being within a five mile radius for CitiField and 16-pitch 1-2-3 inning was just another game for Mariano freakin' Rivera.

Texas' Joe Nathan came in to close out the game for the AL (whatever, does HE not know who Mariano Rivera is?) and now home field advantage for the World Series lies with the AL...if only the Yankees had a shot in hell.

There's no baseball tonight, so I'm thinking about watching A League of Their Own in bed and painting my nails white with navy Pinstripes. We've gotta get the momentum going for the second half.

Stay cool, sweet readers!